Terms and Conditions

§ 1

Clothesmatter.com is an online store owned by Natalia Kachnowicz who runs the economic activity as Ekolekcja Natalia Kachnowicz seated in Poland (Mazurska 21/42, 70-444 Szczecin), entered into the Central Registration and Information on Business under no. 1448591/2014 by the Ministry of Economy. Company Tax Identification Number: 8542152377, REGON: 321575976, e-mail: shop@clothesmatter.com

The Regulations define the principles for placing orders on goods in the online store located at www.clothesmatter.com, hereinafter referred to as the Store. The Regulations contain information for Clients required by law, including the complaint procedure.


§ 2

1. The Store runs properly in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or other updated and properly configured browsers.

2. The Store is obliged to deliver goods with no defects.

3. The Store is obliged to inform the Client of the total price for goods with taxes, as well as of transportation fees and other costs, and if the amount of those fees cannot be determined - of the obligation to pay them.

4. The Store does not charge any additional costs for using means of communication in order to conclude an agreement.


§ 3

1. To place an order, the Client must register at the Store site and fill out a registration form. The registration at the Store is tantamount to the Client's acceptance of these Regulations and Privacy Policy.

2. The Client selects goods (including size and colour) by clicking the "Add to Cart" field and then defines the shipping method and the payment method. In the last step (Payment), the data given earlier is verified and the order is placed by clicking the "Order and pay" button.

3. After placing an order, the Client shall receive an e-mail with a confirmation that the Store has accepted the order.

4. The Store shall implement the order immediately or at least within 3 working days from the order date.


§ 4

1. A Client who has concluded a distance agreement may withdraw from the agreement without stating any reasons by filling in the withdrawal form available at the Store site (in the "Returns and Complaints" section) or by making a statement in writing within 14 days from the delivery date. To comply with the deadline, the Client must send a statement before its expiry. The Client shall receive a confirmation of acceptance of the withdrawal form via e-mail.

2. If the Client exercises the right referred to in section 1 of this paragraph, the Client shall be obliged to return the goods in an untouched condition within 14 days of the notification declaring the withdrawal. The Store shall refund the payment within 14 days using the same payment method, which had been used by the Client, unless a different way of return is agreed upon with the Client.

3. The Store shall immediately refund the Client all payments made by the Client, including the delivery cost of the goods, not later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the notification of withdrawal. However, if the Client chose a delivery method other than the cheapest delivery method, the Store shall not be obliged to return additional costs incurred by the Client.

§ 5

1. If an item sold is defective, the Client may submit a statement of price reduction or withdrawal from the agreement, unless the Store shall replace the defective item with a new one immediately and without undue inconvenience to the Client. This limitation does not apply if the item has already been replaced or repaired by the Seller or the Store did not meet the obligation to exchange the defective item with one free from defects.

2. Complaints concerning non-compliance of goods with the sales agreement can be made in writing directly to the Store address (Ekolekcja Natalia Kachnowicz, ul. Mazurska 21/32, 70-444 Szczecin, Poland) or via e-mail to: shop@clothesmatter.com

3. The defective item must be sent to the Store address and the delivery costs shall be borne by the Client.

4. The Client shall be obliged to notify the Store of non-compliance of the item with the sales agreement within a period of two months from finding an element of non-compliance. Responsibility of the Store for non-compliance of the item with the sales agreement lasts for a maximum of two years from the delivery date of the goods.

5. Complaints are investigated within 14 days. If a complaint is considered positive, the Client shall receive a new item instead of the defective one. If the complaint is considered negative, the Store shall return the defective item at the Store's expense.


§ 6

1. The Store may process Client-related information in accordance with the conditions set forth in the "Privacy Policy". Using the Store site, the Client agrees to have its data processed and ensures that all the data provided is correct.

2. During Account registration and each subsequent sign in, the Client shall have a possibility to sign up for the newsletter. The Client may cancel the newsletter at any time by signing into the account.


§ 7

1. The Store may issue discount coupons to be used in the Store, which will be sent to Clients via email. Discount coupons can be used only on the Store site.

2. Discount coupons are valid for a limited time and can be used only once. They cannot be combined with other discount coupons.

3. The value of a discount coupon cannot be used to pay for the goods over a different method.

4. The amount of a discount coupon is not remunerated and has no monetary value in cash.


§ 8

The name of the Store, photos posted on the Store site, trademarks of the Store and producers of goods, are protected by law. Copying or using any of the Store property without the Store's consent is prohibited.


§ 9

To all matters not settled herein, the provisions of the Civil Code or other applicable laws shall apply.


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